Windermere (Lubourne)

Mark & Jan Stanford • Viljoenshoop Rd

Lady Lucy Bourne’s garden from 1937 was the first to open regularly to the public. Her skilful combination of formal and naturalistic plantings, stone terraces, island beds, winding paths and bluebell wood, had a great influence on other Elgin gardeners such as Kathleen Murray and Maisie Knox-Shaw. Although not many plantings remain, some cherries sent by Cherry Ingram still survive, as do many interesting trees, and the famous Judas tree has left descendants.

Free entry. Burgers and cider. 2 km from  N2.

Ph: 083 722 1099

Most gardens do not allow dogs. Please ask the owner’s permission
before you bring yours.

All gardens are giving a proportion of their takings to charities
of their choice

Barbara Knox-Shaw: 021 844 0154 / 078 021 2101
Jessie Walton: 083 458 3790